How To Handle The Upkeep of Your Plano House While It Is Listed

When listing your house, you must be prepared for those inevitable occasions when potential buyers drop by on very short notice or even unannounced. That means you have to keep your house well maintained and ready for viewing after performing the necessary maintenance and clean-up.  And that can be a daunting task when you are faced with so many other duties. So here are some easy ways to manage your Plano house’s maintenance while it’s listed.

What to Do First and Keep Doing

According to a top property site, early maintenance will make it much more manageable to handle the maintenance of your Plano house while it is listed. In addition. “A small amount of routine maintenance can help you avoid a catastrophic problem down the line” (e.g. bursting pipes, leakage of the roof, critics moving into your attic).

So let’s take a look at what you need to do:


When buyers pull up your house for the first time, their eyes are drawn to the top. That means everything has to be in tip-top shape up there and stay there. In addition, roofs can cause internal damage, and eventually overflowing gutters can result in damage or weakening to the foundation. The point is that taking care of these issues early on can later prevent expensive repairs and make ongoing maintenance easier and cheaper.


To enable buyers to see the best features of your home, lighting is important, and natural lighting is always better than artificial lighting. So make sure all your windows are cleaned and then keep them clean. A little cleaning along the way (e.g. after heavy rain) will make the maintenance task a bit less time-consuming.

Ongoing Upkeep of Your Plano House While It Is Listed

There are a number of ongoing upkeep tasks that simply cannot be neglected. Take care of these, and upkeep will be much easier. It’s always easier and better to do a little now rather than a lot later, for example:


One easy way to handle your Plano house’s maintenance while it’s listed is to clean rooms with a strategy. You know where to start this way and are not going to get overwhelmed. Working from top to bottom and from left to right is the rule of thumb here. Furthermore, focus your efforts on those things that are likely to catch the attention of buyers, cleaning them more thoroughly and more frequently.


You know that you will have to declutter and depersonalize when listing your house. And the key step here is to get rid of anything that does not contribute to the attractive appearance. But some of those things that don’t appeal to buyers that you still want to use and keep around. An easy solution is to use color-coded plastic containers that, when a show is imminent, will allow you to quickly dispose items.


Home maintenance and cleanliness are more about appearance than reality. So just to strive for the illusion of clean is one way to make things easier. You can do this by focusing on what buyers, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, are most likely to notice. Magicians and illusionists do the same thing. They draw your attention away from some things so you can notice others.

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