Tax Benefits for First Time Home Buyers in Mesquite

Tax Benefits for First Time Home Buyers Tax-Free IRA Withdrawals for Down Payment The biggest hurdle in Mesquite for most first-time home buyers is that big down payment, often as much as 20 percent or more. But you may not have to save all that down payment with the tax breaks in place. Mortgage Interest … Continued

How To Handle The Upkeep of Your Plano House While It Is Listed

When listing your house, you must be prepared for those inevitable occasions when potential buyers drop by on very short notice or even unannounced. That means you have to keep your house well maintained and ready for viewing after performing the necessary maintenance and clean-up.  And that can be a daunting task when you are … Continued

Understanding Pocket Listings In Richardson Tx

You may have heard (but more likely you haven’t heard) the term “pocket listing.” Anyway, a pocket listing, although not all that common, is another tool you and your agent have in your toolbox to sell or buy a house. While pocket listings are more common for higher-end homes in Richardson Tx , they can … Continued